In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.m.e. .a.n.d. .w.a.t.e.r.

1. 1. 11

the theme for the first day of new year, 2011 : water!

me just came back from DW sport fitness, accompanied yusri . it was his first participation at the centre and because of that, he was allowed to bring three friends and i was chosen for the first day. aha! well, i enjoyed being there so much. i was given three options, either enjoying swimming, work-out at the gym or both, yet in the end i chose to spend my hours at the swimming pool.

this fitness centre offers much more facilities than kingsmead,i must say. they even got a steam room (sauna) which i've been anticipating for. plus, two jacuzzi pools are ready for us!

the steam room, was the best part. being in there gave  me the feeling of jogging around  UM's lake for four rounds and stop at an instance. i felt like burning and yeah, the room had this "mint-ish" smell which made me drown in the air~ =.=!

rasa-rasa. bole keje kat sini tak? aha!

*p/s : i started my day crazily. haha! sorry guys for bothering all of you this morning ehe! =p.


Winnie Bunny said...

best gilee dia swimming..nak swimming gak la..

saiful al ieman said...

haha! bole bole~ no hal la! =p album, a million memories