In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.U.K.'.s. .l.i.f.e.

how my UK's life looks like? 

it just a simple one~ehe!
 i was bored and i ended taking pictures of my room. nayh, dont say a thing! haha=p

 hm. no comment =)

  my accessories, i have two awesome necklace from topman. how dat sounds?

 my shoes collection! hoho~

 this is nothing. me going to buy lot more. seriously! haha~

can u see my iphone dock? its not working =.=!

i've promise to give those two bears to someone. haha!

 my desk. kinda dark isn't?

 haha! that's my little cupboard

 i just bought this one. dunlop from topman!

 my bed. =0~

 my belts collection, from left Topman, ROMP, Bum Equipment and Fat Face

 again, my so-called little cupboard with filled drawers. haha!

 that's my notice board i guess~


Winnie Bunny said...

kemas dan teratur bilik anda kalah anak dara kekekeke..

Ilidina.. said...

seriously..for a guy,your room sgt kemas! impressed!

~aisya~ said...

huh..mengalahkan aq..hahhaha..n y on earth do u hv extra cupboard? i'm jelous~

Pinku no Ichigo Yuki said...

i liiiike the first photo.. hahaks.. almost resembles mine! well, without the hair wax of course

saiful al ieman said...

wnnie~ haha! mekasih, saya suka kemas kut.ehe! =p

kak ili~ haha! mekasih, kebersihan separuh drpd iman bukan =p

cha~ haha! nasib badan, betuah =p ..(ko kalah cha? haha)

pinku~ haha.really. we can be good friends! =p ehe

ct-kama said...

terselit alQuran ngn songkok...huuhuuh...tenang jer nampak;;)) album, a million memories