In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

jadi jester dan jaga booth!

Kanda Tuah is free~ 
22.43 hours
March 24th, 2011
South East England.

yeah!! my hectic week has came to an end! I've done my micro taught, submitted my assignments, participated in Malaysian fest and the most important thing is, I've completed my short play! no more acting after this. i swear!! XD~

oke, the most memorable experience comes first. XP

my experience acting out the role of jester. a 'sengau' jester to be precise. to come out with the so-called enjoyable performance, my friends and i have been rehearsing the play for like months! i was given the role as Marlowe ( a friend of Shakespeare) initially, but then, as the rehearsal went on, Mike decided to change my role to jester. i dont know why, but people said the role of jester kinda suit my personality. freak!! haha~

one interesting info about being a jester. you can behave or act in any way that you like. well, the acts supposedly to be funny, and i tried to be one. during the real performance, i did become a crazy jester. i never knew that i can be that crazy. seriously. it never came to my mind that i would behave or act in such a way, acts stupid to make people laugh.sigh~

btw, the jester's costumes, my friends and me sew it on our own. it is our very own product! XD

  the queen sitting on her chair, Mike (our lecturer, standing at the back) and me as a jester

the production team! not all are my team members. this is just a combination from the other teams XP

Marlowe and I

the second memorable thing is, Malaysian Fest! it was amazing. seriously. i love the people, the clothes, the food, the dances, the songs and everything. i didn't take part in any dance performance tho, for i was assigned to handle a booth, Malaysian national costumes booth (walaopun asik lari je.XD). Yet, i did joined several dances and games. hoho.

  dato haili, rector  of IPG was there too


Kanda Tuah feels stuffy~
00.53 hours
March 23rd, 2011
South East England.

me living a hectic life lately and i'm sick of it. assignments just get on my wick, with drama rehearsals killing me slowly. my frantic attempts to get my essays done just added to my miserable.  i just need some rest for god sake. a short rest will do. sigh. i hate this. seriously!

btw, lots of people asking me the reason i deactivated my previous FB. well, it was a mess and i cant handle it anymore. i went out of my control. so i decided to create a new FB acc. please don't be offended if i didn't alerted you guys with the deactivation. i cant think straight at that time, forgive me for that.


Kanda Tuah penah demam teruk~
22.50 hours
March 7th, 2011 
South East England.


tadi, masa dinner sempat lak citer sal demam. ajiz citer sal dia x makan nasi seminggu sebab demam. x de selera katanya. well, aku kalo demam pon memg x de selera. minum air suam je. nak wat camne.dah mmg selera mati terus.

masa kecik kecik dulu, penah sekali aku demam teruk. masa year 5 kalo tak silap. sampai seminggu duk umah x keluar sebb demam. nasib baik time tu cuti sekolah. kalo x sah sah aku x g sekolah.haha. satu family kot demam kecuali my dad yg maintain sihat dan macho. well, nama pon budak kan. demam siket mula la nak manja manja. time tuh, my mum pon demam sekali. kami anak beranak tido kat ruang tamu sebab tanak bg abah demam sekali.

yang paling aku ingat, time demam ni la time nafsu makan ilang. even tengok kfc pon cm tengok cenkodok pisang sejuk je. dekat seminggu gak la makan paksa rela. bukan tanak makan, tapi kalo mkn rasa pahit giler.siyes pahit. even minum air milo pon rasa pahit. betol cakap aku. percayalah.

so far, kat england ni, aku penah demam sekali je. x teruk sangat la. cuma batuk yg cam harem. nak terkeluar anak tekak duk atok.siyes!! nasib baik ade kawan kawan and senior yg baik hati yang ambek berat. well, rasa terharu jugak la. hehe~

kanda tuah ni la yg demam.LOL~

oke lah, saje nak tulis something sebb dah lama x update. kena smbung wat esaimen nih.papai peeps! album, a million memories