In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

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watch and think

Mr. Shy feels sad and angry~ 22.42 hours March 09th, 2012 Canterbury, South East England.

watch and justify. i'm not going to argue, just stating my view.

  • A: Maybe anak dye ade hal or sumtg yg x dpt di elakkn mcm kemalangan etc. Who knows kan?sbb kalo dye nk tgl btol2 npe brani bg details sume.obviously org akn dpt cntct blk kn.sbb mula2 dye angkt je hp then jz x angkt bkn tros off hp.xtaw la.sian kt nenek xtw gk ape jd kt ank dye.huhu.tbe2 ter pk
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  • Sepuy Simbei for me. sibuk mana pon anak, even sampai tahap terdesak, there is no way he/she can ingores or make his/her mum sad. After Allah, is our Rasul, then our mum, mum and mum. This nanny smpai nangis-nangis, that shows something. Tapi, like u said kan, who knows. Moga Allah bagi ketenangn n kegembiraan kat nanny ni :)
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  • A: yep btol tu shy..x pk pon yg dye busy wf keje etc.kalo psl keje mmg xley trima..jz ter pk mybe dye accident or sumtg else *tgk drama byk sgt neh..heheh.. but seriously,when i watched dz video, tros teringat my late grandma. sobbss~
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  • Sepuy Simbei ‎:). the fact that he/she sent his/her mother to the cheap hostel with his/her presence at the first place, suggests something. i just wondering, why on earth he/she thought of leaving his/her mother here? (and i assume nothing happened to him/her physically providing he/she afford to bring his/her mother to the hotel). My feeling strongly suggests that her son/daughter were trying to 'eliminate' her and that is terribbly sad!
    i know cha. this reminds me of my nanny too. Luckyly she had all her children to love her all her life :)
    be brave cha!

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baby girl :)

Mr. Shy is welcoming his new little sister~ 19.16 hours March 08th, 2011 Canterbury, South East England.

 this little fella, she's a new member in my family. was born today, around 12.00 noon. (don't know the exact time)

lets say 'hi' to her :)

miss chis & sid kids

Mr. Shy misses his kids~ 20.18 hours March 06th, 2012 Canterbury, South East England.

I miss Owen, Sebastian, Brandon, James, Nick, Louise, Lizzy, Amelia, Alex..
I bet you're wondering who are on earth I've been referring to. 
Alright, let's start this from the beginning. 

It was last week when I paid a visit (or visits? hell, i'm not sure!) to Chislehurts and Sidcup Grammar School, in Kent as a part of my Contemporary Education module requirement. For a week I'd been returning to the school from Canterbury by a coach arranged by the uni. Believe me, the school isn't somewhere near Canter! It took us nearly an hour and half for each journey. The so called best bit was, I had to raise as early as 6 to get ready for the school! No more sleep after subuh :)

To be honest,initially I was quite afraid to be at the secondary school in the UK. All sort of images and stigma came to my mind. Blame the media!

Then, when I first joined the class, all those images and stigam went to dissapear. I was given 7D class by the school to be observed and I must admit they were good kids. They gave brilliant impression to me, and made me confident to be at the school! The first day always been the awkward day. They were quite shy with me (or was it me who were quite shy? ) and  barely talk to me except few students who were easy going and frolic. Gradually, they grew fonder with me and chat with me a lot! They even cheered up when I walked into their class and went to look for me when I lost in finding their classrooms. They best thing I love about them was they treated me like their friend and share everything with me; and that included their feeling about their teachers! whether they like their teachers or not. What pleased me the most were, they would love to have me as their teacher and they even request me to stay longer in the school! I know. I was touched too~

The last day always been a sad one. On the last lesson, when they were about to finish their class, we had a short farewell chat. All those hugs and wishes made me miss them a lot! 


this is dave. he was our driver. and he talked a lot too! especially whislt driving. =.= album, a million memories