In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

I Am Home!

Mr. Shy Is Home
3.33 pm
October 15th, 2013 
Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Hi peeps. Yes, I'm here to break the news. Again, yes; you're right. I'm at home. This time for good (Goodbye Canterbury!). Well, my course in CCCU (Canterbury Christ Church Uni) has actually came to an end last June. My friends and I, we finished our last exam few weeks before, so we had some time for ourselves to have date(s) with Canterbury (or The UK in particular) for the last time. We departed from Heathrow on June 29, 2013 to KLIA by boarding the brand new MAS Airbus A380! I must say the new plane was more than awesome. It was perfect! 

So for those who are around, lets meet up and catch up! =P

I will write more. See you peeps.

Our last picnic in the West Gate Gardens

Last Raya !

Mr. Shy had his last Eid in the UK~ 
21.58 hours
August 22nd, 2012 
Canterbury, Kent.

hey yo ! pergh, it has been ages since I last visited my own page. Everything seems dusty ! Haha, uh ya, this is my first trip to the blog page with my newly wed wife. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls ; I'd like to introduce to all of you my new wife. Tadaa ~! Please say hi to her. She's a bit timid I know =P

Alright, back to the main business. There is an event that I'd like to share with all of you; which is my last Eid celebration in the UK. Uh yes, for me this year would be the last Eid celebration in the UK cause next year I'll fly back home for good ! To be honest, I thought I would be engrossed with sentimental mood and melancholic atmosphere during Eid this year reason for I have less people around me to celebrate the Eid with. Surprisingly, I had none of the those sad situations. I must say my Eid was awesomely fun and colourful. 

You know I hate writing, so I'll just share the photos. Tehee ~

one more thing, I've submitted a 'salam perantau' to Berita Harian as well and you what? mine was featured in the newspaper ! haha. Thanks BH for choosing mine XD

occay, that's all for now. tata beauties and handsomes !

Summer BBQ

Mr. Shy had a great BBQ Party~ 
22.02 hours May 16, 2012 Canterbury, South East England.

It was great to have an outdoor BBQ  party today. The weather was being nice, with cool balmy wind and shy sunshine shines, sharing its warmth. Frankly speaking, it was spontaneous decision for us to throw the party. We had planned it before, but because of the tension atmosphere of the exam, we decided to cancelled it, until yesterday when we decided to have another outdoor party as well as birthday party for Al, who has turned 22 on the last May 11. So we ended up bringing bbq grills and food to Felix's place. Well, the feeling was great. We had a good time with great laughter and incredible food as well. I think the best bit of the party was the game, when we all agreed to play 'kotak beracun'. Seriously it was fun. People came up with outrageous ideas and laughable actions which made me myself burst with laughter. But I was quite worried tho. We made so much noises as if our voices can be heard a mile away !Luckily we didn't received any complaints from Felix's neighbours. I guess, the neighbourhood understands students well! in this case, it's noisy Malaysians students that I'm talking about :)

Found This !

Mr. Shy founds an interesting word document~
19.23 hours April 28th, 2012Canterbury, South East England.

I was searching a file for my portfolio when I intentionly clicked on this word document. It is rather a special document I admit. Why? because it contains some comments that which I saved from a game on Facebook. Find it quite funny tho.

2302-good sense of fashion...u like cam-whoring but wat I like is how u dn't give a (wat's the word there? =P) about wat others does turn out kinda cute though..hihi..Ur into Korean guys' style? It shows..we had a conversation back then during potluck? Owhhh...wonder wat we talked about..hee..and ya, a literature session wud be nice..=)

2302 pergh. bile tgk muke die, sgt2 cair ok. huhu. kawan aku mase kat KMKN. actually, tak kenal pn die mase kat KMKN, sebab die study kejap je. tak sempat nak ramas mesra. haha. kami chat kat fb ni. rupa2nya, die ingt aku. sebagai penjual nasi lemak. haha. lol. btw, beb, good luck ea kat perantauan. jgn nakal2. nnt balik sini, contact aku. i'll make sure that u will get to know me more. h0h0. bunyi sgt jeng3..! :P :)

2302 - eleh,, ko tunggu le smpai ke tua.. bru brg ko smpai kt ko.. haha,, die ni first ak jmpe kt ipba la,, time die bru masuk.. hahah,,, time ak cm mls je nk lyn tp die nih ok la,,, hahha,,, smpai kt cccu bru la hu ha hu ha ngn die nih,,, die nk kate comel,,, x pon,, nk kate macho,,, urmmm,, ade la ckit,,, hahhha,,, sng b'kwn ngn adik gojes nih sbb die easygoing... auuww..

2302: nombor ni mcm bufday dia je...hahaha, betul la tu!..hohoho
ni lg sekor, igt ko gojes ke??...lambat lagi!!!!
slalu gak tolong2 saya dikala kesusahan...dan dulu mmg byk saked ati ngan dia.
(itu dulu la, x simpan dlm ati pun) mungkin sebab x kenal ati budi masing2 kutt...
kesian kat dia, nak2 lagi bila terlepas flight blk KB kan???
beliau sgt rajen+tekun+kreatif+sgt nk berfesyen korea...siapakah beliau ek??

2302.fashionista korea.mula2 knl,bajet gile kakah ni! wkakakaa..lame2,perghh,,gile nk mam! siap menari out of control. best kwn nga dia ni. sbb dia gile! cheers..

2302- mr smart guy. sangat jage penampilan.. gile korea, mungkin... skang ni ada dslr, suke g mane2 tempat and amik gambar byk2 n edit

2302-haaa....first time masuk ipba die jadi kls rep. mmg bertanggungjawab la sbb die tlg kiteorg bdak 2nd intake cari kerusi meja sume2. nmpk berkarisma la time tu..chewah...pastu bile da lame2..baru sedar die ni gile jugak rupenye. bahaye kalau ajak p karaoke same2.lagi-lagi lagu korea. btw..suke tgk fashion die skrg. mcm korea.hihi

2302: hah... fren... u r so artistic.. i ws amazed to c ur masterpiece during our play.. it ws great... keep it up.. u r vry frenly...nice to talk .. stay cool :)

haha! see, I told you. They are quite funny :)

Ask me questions about anything! ask me!

watch and think

Mr. Shy feels sad and angry~ 22.42 hours March 09th, 2012 Canterbury, South East England.

watch and justify. i'm not going to argue, just stating my view.

  • A: Maybe anak dye ade hal or sumtg yg x dpt di elakkn mcm kemalangan etc. Who knows kan?sbb kalo dye nk tgl btol2 npe brani bg details sume.obviously org akn dpt cntct blk kn.sbb mula2 dye angkt je hp then jz x angkt bkn tros off hp.xtaw la.sian kt nenek xtw gk ape jd kt ank dye.huhu.tbe2 ter pk
    5 hours ago via Mobile · · 1

  • Sepuy Simbei for me. sibuk mana pon anak, even sampai tahap terdesak, there is no way he/she can ingores or make his/her mum sad. After Allah, is our Rasul, then our mum, mum and mum. This nanny smpai nangis-nangis, that shows something. Tapi, like u said kan, who knows. Moga Allah bagi ketenangn n kegembiraan kat nanny ni :)
    5 hours ago · · 1

  • A: yep btol tu shy..x pk pon yg dye busy wf keje etc.kalo psl keje mmg xley trima..jz ter pk mybe dye accident or sumtg else *tgk drama byk sgt neh..heheh.. but seriously,when i watched dz video, tros teringat my late grandma. sobbss~
    3 hours ago · · 1

  • Sepuy Simbei ‎:). the fact that he/she sent his/her mother to the cheap hostel with his/her presence at the first place, suggests something. i just wondering, why on earth he/she thought of leaving his/her mother here? (and i assume nothing happened to him/her physically providing he/she afford to bring his/her mother to the hotel). My feeling strongly suggests that her son/daughter were trying to 'eliminate' her and that is terribbly sad!
    i know cha. this reminds me of my nanny too. Luckyly she had all her children to love her all her life :)
    be brave cha!

    3 hours ago ·  

baby girl :)

Mr. Shy is welcoming his new little sister~ 19.16 hours March 08th, 2011 Canterbury, South East England.

 this little fella, she's a new member in my family. was born today, around 12.00 noon. (don't know the exact time)

lets say 'hi' to her :) album, a million memories