In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

red rangers

another nonsense video which i involved in. i can't help myself from laughing and keep laughing~ 
oh my god.

i was~

i was waiting for snow last night, but not even a drop fall. and yeah, it's freezing cold outside. the temperature is about -3 Celsius. icy cold! 
oh ya, my friends saw a shooting star when were outside last nite. i didn't saw it as i was looking at the other direction. the only thing i saw was, shimmering stars scattered on the vast dark sky.

i made this as i have nothing to-do. enjoy it! =p

saya menunggu

Besançon, France dah turun salji~
canterbury bila lagi?
saya sudah lama menunggu dan masih menunggu
cik salji, cepat la turun
i wanna make my dream comes true..


fencing story

fencing. even the name sounds charming rite? 
white jacket with tight breeches. long slim sword and a mask. the combination looks perfect.seriously.

it was long ago when i decided to join fencing club. it started at the the freshie-fair when the minah and mat salleh from fencing society were eagerly promoted their club, and i ended up joining them.

as a beginner, the initial practice was quite difficult. well, you know, weird terms were introduced, the techniques and lot more of the other things. plus, the coach talked quite fast (it wasn't only me, my friends also felt the same, =.=), and i didn't really caught up with what he has been saying.

my fencing friends and i

well, tonight's practice was the worst one. not only for me, but for few of us. there was a guy that we named 'monyet' as he loved jumping very much (even in the midst of battle! =.=). he was totally annoying and a total loser if im permitted to use that word. and yes, he was kinda haughty. he was likely loved to be famous and enjoy being praised by others for being the 'top' of the class. 

still, i tried to enjoy the practice session. i am starting to love fencing to be honest. hopefully, he will not make us feel sick again for the next practice. it is even better if he is not around! haha~


mummy told me not to tell by cathy glass
the true story of a trouble boy with a dark secret

it sounds exaggerate but i'm going to start reading this novel and try to finish it up even  i have no confidence of doing so. the novel, which has a cover of a boy crying, curiously creates a melancholic solemn mood and interestingly made me feel pity to the boy. inspite of the novel's famous author, i bought the novel for it's cover.=p. yet, there is another reason for me to own it. the previous novel that i have read, don't tell mummy by toni maguire eventually has the same genre as mummy told me not to tell. frankly speaking, i would say that this novel of toni maguire, dont tell mummy was the first novel that had drew me completely into the story and had kept me awake till i done reading the novel.

oh ya. both novels contain the word 'mummy' as their title. i missed my mum so much, maybe that is the another reason for me buying the novel =(

ok.he's handsome!

it met this gorgeous guy on my way to the town after i had two hours of brink at the Kingsmead leisure center. it was after rain when the stream was likely rushing to the mouth of the river and the sound of the water running, incredibly made me stunned. i felt a tremendous relief listened to the nature rhythm and felt recharged by the cool atmosphere. well, it was rained before after all. i was attracted to a flock of brown-ish ducks who were enjoying their time floating on the surface of the crystal clear water when a white charming swan slowly swam toward me. he was absolutely beautiful! i mean it~
it kinda reminded of the old cartoons i watched when i was a little a boy. interestingly, the swans in those cartoons always appeared as haughty and proud swans. maybe, it because of their  fair, soft white feather. somehow, it appeared true, this guy was kinda haughty and he didn't mingled with the other ducks around him.

i was eager-ed to snap some pictures of him, but sadly, my camera wasn't around. what i did was, i took his picture using my phone. hopefully, when i come again to this place next time, i will meet him. i've already asked my so-called-photography friend to have a photography session here. and yes, apart me myself being the the first model, this guy will be the second model! =p

btw, i found this quotation to prove my statement above.

"There's a double beauty whenever a swan Swims on a lake with her double thereon."

it was another story of me, and a lot more will come soon!

im doing fine!

it's been months since i last wrote and posted something on my blog. the previous post, not really a writing i guess as i copied it from my old blog and did a little editing. so today, i think i better do some writing and and have a sharing moment of my never-ending experiences.
hm. to update, I've been doing well here in canterbury. i enjoyed my days and seized it to the fullest (though sometimes i felt like being prison-ed in my own house as there was nothing much i can do because of the short days in autumn!). last two days, i had a great moment at our cycle's eidul-adha celebration. most of us were there. being together as a group made me happy though. i felt like being at home, at least.
oh ya, the night before, i was busy preparing nasi himpit and helped my neighbour, yusri, getting his rendang ayam done. it was a tiring night for me, yet i learned something. i learned how to prepare nasi himpit and rendang ayam! i was my first trial and it was a success! =p


talking about food,it makes me happy to be honest. for the last two months, i have been experimenting with food and i had prepared quite a number of delicous recipes. claps for my own self,yea!! personally, i gained some sort of satisfaction in cooking. it deepens when people enjoy my cooking. likewise, it encourages me to learn more and improved my skills.and yea, just now, i prepared chicken rice porridge a friend of mine who suffer from oral teeth pain. hopefully, with my sincerity, he will get better!

ok, i need to stop here. my Understanding Learning and the Learners  assignment is waiting for me. i better get it done fast before i fall asleep. =p

i miss it!

i came across reading this  post on my old blog. i miss it somehow. haha! it is  curiously funny of how such an insignificant incident can cure my longing  of my previous innocent life =]

kisah hari sabtu

golek kanan,golek kiri, bergolek golek atas katil..mata dari subuh tadi terpejam sampai sekarang~penat kot..mana x nyer smpai kol 2 pagi duk menghadap lappy's screen menyudahkan draft social studies yg tak sudah sudah. tulang belakang terasa lenguh, teh' o suam dah dua jug aq habeskan, punya lah nak siapkan malam tu jugak..kesudahannya? 1500 words essay berjaya disiapkan! haha..tapi x tunjuk lagi kat mdm carol..kot2, terpesong dari topik..kena start dari awal ; cam haram la!

implikasi terbesar dari perbuatan yg dinyatakan~ aq bangun lewat! lebeyh kurang kol 7.45 a.m baru tersentak dari tidor..subuh tah kemana, baju x bergosok, buku bertebaran di atas lantai..kelam kabut dibuatnya~ last2 aq bedal je baju batik institut yg memang x perlu digosok tuh! ngeee~pagi tu jugak, rekod baru dicipta..mandi dan bersiap sedia tu ke kelas dalam masa hanya sepuluh minit.; SEPULUH MINIT..awesome~.yang pasti, cologne disembur lebih siket pada pagi tu! hahaha~

sampai di dewan kuliah kuliah lebeih kurang kol 8. eceh! ramai je pon yg lebih lewat dari haku! penat2 jer aq 'berkelam kabut' pagi nie semata mata nak datang awal ke kelas~ last2, ramai jer yg datang lewat!tapi x per..kelas diteruskan..shoot! lepas satu masalah, masalah len pulak yg datang~ perut memulas mulas! ni mesti kesan dari haku makan kue teow hailam yg dibeli semalam..punya lah pedas sampai berpeluh haku dibuat nyer..akak tukang masak ingat haku nie dinasour ke makan pedas cmtuh? aq rasa dinasour pon boleyh nangis makan kue teow hailam yg dia masak..tapi aq makan gak sebab dah kebulur kowt masa tuh! dari pagi sampai malam x makan pape, sape yg x lapar?
tahan punya tahan~ aq mengalah! hahah~ mengundurkan diri ke toilet masa break!

hmm..ada la jugak aq terpikir..macam mana haku boleyh bngun lewat nih? oh ya! hari ni hari sabtu! patot la system haku x berfungsi dgn efefctive~ hahah, nak wat cmne..dah memang auto set yg hari sbtu akan terbabas tido sampai ke tengah hari~ so its not my fault! hahahah^^ album, a million memories