In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

fencing story

fencing. even the name sounds charming rite? 
white jacket with tight breeches. long slim sword and a mask. the combination looks perfect.seriously.

it was long ago when i decided to join fencing club. it started at the the freshie-fair when the minah and mat salleh from fencing society were eagerly promoted their club, and i ended up joining them.

as a beginner, the initial practice was quite difficult. well, you know, weird terms were introduced, the techniques and lot more of the other things. plus, the coach talked quite fast (it wasn't only me, my friends also felt the same, =.=), and i didn't really caught up with what he has been saying.

my fencing friends and i

well, tonight's practice was the worst one. not only for me, but for few of us. there was a guy that we named 'monyet' as he loved jumping very much (even in the midst of battle! =.=). he was totally annoying and a total loser if im permitted to use that word. and yes, he was kinda haughty. he was likely loved to be famous and enjoy being praised by others for being the 'top' of the class. 

still, i tried to enjoy the practice session. i am starting to love fencing to be honest. hopefully, he will not make us feel sick again for the next practice. it is even better if he is not around! haha~

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