In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

ok.he's handsome!

it met this gorgeous guy on my way to the town after i had two hours of brink at the Kingsmead leisure center. it was after rain when the stream was likely rushing to the mouth of the river and the sound of the water running, incredibly made me stunned. i felt a tremendous relief listened to the nature rhythm and felt recharged by the cool atmosphere. well, it was rained before after all. i was attracted to a flock of brown-ish ducks who were enjoying their time floating on the surface of the crystal clear water when a white charming swan slowly swam toward me. he was absolutely beautiful! i mean it~
it kinda reminded of the old cartoons i watched when i was a little a boy. interestingly, the swans in those cartoons always appeared as haughty and proud swans. maybe, it because of their  fair, soft white feather. somehow, it appeared true, this guy was kinda haughty and he didn't mingled with the other ducks around him.

i was eager-ed to snap some pictures of him, but sadly, my camera wasn't around. what i did was, i took his picture using my phone. hopefully, when i come again to this place next time, i will meet him. i've already asked my so-called-photography friend to have a photography session here. and yes, apart me myself being the the first model, this guy will be the second model! =p

btw, i found this quotation to prove my statement above.

"There's a double beauty whenever a swan Swims on a lake with her double thereon."

it was another story of me, and a lot more will come soon!


Hush said...

memang handsome oh gambar ni!

GloxiniaFh said...

ntah2 ni itik yang jadi swan dalam cite time kecik2 dlu tu kott.. hehe =P sbb tu die leh mingle ngn itik2 ni.. hehehe .. oke tak teori saye? =P album, a million memories