In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller


mummy told me not to tell by cathy glass
the true story of a trouble boy with a dark secret

it sounds exaggerate but i'm going to start reading this novel and try to finish it up even  i have no confidence of doing so. the novel, which has a cover of a boy crying, curiously creates a melancholic solemn mood and interestingly made me feel pity to the boy. inspite of the novel's famous author, i bought the novel for it's cover.=p. yet, there is another reason for me to own it. the previous novel that i have read, don't tell mummy by toni maguire eventually has the same genre as mummy told me not to tell. frankly speaking, i would say that this novel of toni maguire, dont tell mummy was the first novel that had drew me completely into the story and had kept me awake till i done reading the novel.

oh ya. both novels contain the word 'mummy' as their title. i missed my mum so much, maybe that is the another reason for me buying the novel =(

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