In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.f.a.l.l. .i.n. l.o.v.e.

Sepuy Simbei falls in love ! 

i feel like an angle flies near
and whispers something to me

at last, i made a confession again
i fall in love mum!


Sepuy Simbei wanna be a charming bachelor! 

alkisah nya hari ni hujung minggu. enak berhibernate sampai matahari tinngi melangit walaupun sebenarnya matahari jarang nak keluar musim sejuk ni. plus, dalam duvet yg selesa itu, lagi la susah nak bagun. sebab dah berazam nak jadi anak teruna yg baik, maka jam 10, dgn penuh ketabahan, aku bangun jugak. persetankan katil yang empuk itu, aku harus bangkit.

perkara pertama : on-kan lappy, check mail, mail-uni, black board and opkos FB. lately, bnyak jugak aku wat kawan kat fb. expend the social networking katakan. haha!. asik sangat main fb, smpai breakfast pun terlepas. so aku ended up ambek bruch : chicken broth with rice. hadam jer~
pastu, went back to FB and totally drawn into it. addictive sungguh menatang FB nih, sampai aku lupa yg aku ade volunterring session kat strode park foundation.=.=!

hari ni kat strode park amat best, sebab ade choir! ohoho~ lagu budak budak untuk org tua tua~ tapi siyesly best! haha! plus, hari ni aku daftar as official saturday club member of strode park foundation. pasni akan bergiat lebih active.hehe~ before balik, bersembang ngn helen. co-ordinator strode park. she was a friendly lady i must say and i enjoyed talking to her walaupun agak malu.=)


oh ya! dah lama x g gym. kena g gym nih. nak six packs! haha


Sepuy Simbei wanna be a strong guy ! 

i wanna be strong! oh yeah! strong!!

oke. it seems being a strong guy is not as simple as i thought. what i mean by strong is not as in i could lift up a car and throw it away like hulk, but strong as in having strong mind and great emotion control. that sounds easy right? but the fact that those doings are not easy to accomplish is undeniable.

i once pondered on this when i was about to have my cyst-removal surgery last year. i managed to get through the surgery and gained my bravery, but believe me, the pain that i faced was like hell! yet, as time passed, i lose my bravery.

this is the time where i need my bravery back. i need to be strong again! i'm not a weak guy who weep over sad songs, but a guy who has strong heart and mind!

look at the white spot on my left cheek. (i somehow look bodass with it on my cheek, hihi!) it's a wound that i got when i did my morning shaving. the wound wasn't  that painful, but the moment i felt the pain from the open skin, i told myself "aku kena jadi kuat!" and i ended up ignoring the pain ; i became an insolent guy, (tho i bleed like hell!)  yet i did taught myself how to be "strong" on that day~ haha!

can i be Adidas model? puhlisss?

p/s* someone is calling me Adidas hunk~ whoop whoop!


Sepuy Simbei
20 January at 19:51
i have no bff at the first place. lame, but that's the truth. i am a person who has bizarre idea of bff. i never let someone step into my private life and i don't share any of my problems. for me, i prefer to handle my problems in my own way without sharing it, otherwise i will feel the problems escalates. i rather forging to solve the problem on my own, reviving without depending on others. i believe the ingenuity of me being alone, strengthen my self conscious.

bg aku, kalo ade bff yg cam harem, bek tak yah ade bff terus. hidop as an "individual" lagi best ko.t bukan lah bermaksud idup sensorang dlm hutan, di ceruk gunung, tapi as in u have your private life which you created on your own and never ever let someone stepped in. tapi hati hati, kang x pasal2 jadi physco. aku x bertanggungjawab.haha!

jumpa gambar ni kat tenet. chumill pulak menatang alah ni. bole la jadi bff aku~ hihi!

.m.e. .a.n.d. .m.y.s.e.l.f.

 it's my age. my personality~

Age in years            :20.91                                                                    
Age in months         : 251                                                        
Age in days             : 7634                                                                      
Age in hours           : 183207                                                                 
Age in minutes        : 10992390                                                            
Age in seconds        : 659543425                                                          
Age in Milli seconds : 65954342516                                                     
Age in weeks          : 53435                                                                   
You born on            : Friday                                                                   


* Quiet, shy and humble
* Low self esteem
* Honest and loyal
* Temperamental
* Determined to reach goals
* Loves freedom  
 * Ambitious
* Too sensitive and easily hurt
* Loves aggressiveness
* Showing anger easily
* Abstract thoughts 
 * Loves reality and abstract
* Intelligent and clever
* Loves entertainment and leisure
* Romantic on the inside not outside
* Rebellious when restricted     
* Realizing dreams and hopes
* Changing personality
 * Sharp


nape saya jadi lemah camni
nape saya hilang semangat
nape emosi saya x stabil lately


I´m too shy to ask ...
I´m too proud to lose
But sooner or later I gotta choose
And once again I´m thinking about
Taking the easy way out ... 

.k.e.j.e. .n. .m.a.s.a.k.

canterbury, kent UK.

tadi, aku cuba mintak keje lagi. kali ni keje kat uni. sebagai personal assistant kepada sorang student cccu yang ade masalah asperger syndrome (lebih kurang autism). x tahu la dapat ke tak, tapi aku dah submit application form tadi. harap harap dapat lah. x kisah lah keje dgn org kelainan upaya~ yg penting aku dapat belajar something, dapat tambah pendapatan and dapat tambah kawan baru!

keje aku yg sebelum ni, kat clinton cards, ade jugak la aku kutip pengalaman. keje as sales assistant and mainly kat tills, jadi cashier. gaji pon dah dapat, walaopun 30% kena tolak kat tax (harap2 dapat claim balik) bnyak tuh 30% dari  £180. kalo x dapat claim, x tahu la =,=!

oh ya, dua tiga hari ni, keje aku asik masak je. tak tahu la nape, rindu malaysia kut.sebab tu asik masak! haha. well. i love to cook! 

.U.K.'.s. .l.i.f.e.

how my UK's life looks like? 

it just a simple one~ehe!
 i was bored and i ended taking pictures of my room. nayh, dont say a thing! haha=p

 hm. no comment =)

  my accessories, i have two awesome necklace from topman. how dat sounds?

 my shoes collection! hoho~

 this is nothing. me going to buy lot more. seriously! haha~

can u see my iphone dock? its not working =.=!

i've promise to give those two bears to someone. haha!

 my desk. kinda dark isn't?

 haha! that's my little cupboard

 i just bought this one. dunlop from topman!

 my bed. =0~

 my belts collection, from left Topman, ROMP, Bum Equipment and Fat Face

 again, my so-called little cupboard with filled drawers. haha!

 that's my notice board i guess~


im trying hard forging the ingenuity of strengthening the friendship camaraderie! be it my existed friends or new-made friends, im trying my best. good luck shy!

 sebiru hari ini

Sebiru hari ini, birunya bagai langit terang benderang
Sebiru hati kita, bersama di sini

Seindah hari ini, indahnya bak permadani taman surga
Seindah hati kita, walau kita kan terpisah

Bukankah hati kita telah lama menyatu
Dalam tali kisah persahabatan ilahi
Pegang erat tangan kita terakhir kalinya
Hapus air mata meski kita kan terpisah
Selamat jalan teman
Tetaplah berjuang
Semoga kita bertemu kembali
Kenang masa indah kita
Sebiru hari ini

Seindah hari ini, indahnya bak permadani taman surga
Seindah hati kita, walau kita kan terpisah


reff 2x

Seindah hari ini, indahnya bak permadani taman surga
Seindah hati kita, walau kita kan terpisah

 i've been making friends on FB, expanding my network. to all my new friends, thanks for being my friends. gonna love you loads!

.t.e.a.c.h.i.n.g. .i.s. .n.o.t.. .e.a.s.y.

i faced another difficult day yesterday. to begin with, it was hard for me to wake up getting ready for the class for i slept at four in the morning. i have no idea what has happened to me lately. i couldn't get grasp of myself and  i broke my sleep routine by being awake till 5 in the morning for the whole two weeks. it was difficult enough for me to get my eyes shut and off to sleep. 

the day started with the  ELTM subject. english language teaching methodology  which i enjoyed very much. yet the joyous moments immediately over when pam asked my group and i to demonstrate the application of classroom management in a class of  intermediate-level students ( acted out by my naughty classmates =.=!). it was a doom request by pam and i didn't enjoyed it to be honest. it was completely out of mind for me to handle a class without being prepared. and of course, i ended up being clumsy and not-confident of myself. pam, who sat at the corner, observing me vigilantly and she did commented on my way handling the class. it was a good comment tho.

  wan handling the class~ he's trying his best.

 then, LA followed;  literary analysis. we learned a new area of poems which was environmental and mike ended up mooing and buzzing in front of the class demonstrated the sounds of animals and was fun and the best part was, me didn't fall asleep. i was lucky!

i went back home and made a new friend on fb. at least my day ended with a good thing! haha~=p

*p/s : my 60th follower, welcome! =p

.m.e.t.r.o.s.e.x.s.u.a.l. .a.i.n.t. .g.a.y.

Limah dan Jijah merupakan dua orang wanita muda yang cantik dan bergaya sedang berbincang-bincang di sebuah kafe. Pembincangan mereka terganggu kearah seorang jejaka yang baru saja keluar dari salon. jejaka tampan itu berpenampilan stylish, upated, dan kedua tangannya kelihatan bersih dan sihat habis di-manicure.

"mesti gay neyh" spontan kata Limah kepada Jijah. 

"huh? tapi knapa dye date ngan perempuan? nampak mesra lak tu?" balas Jijah
"lau macam tue, nie bukan Gay tapi Metrosexual!"
keduanya pun saling berpandangan.
Metro? jejaka jenis apa ini? Gay? Ataukah sebuah perilaku sex menyimpang?
Pertanyaan seperti ini yang mungkin menghantui kepala Anda. Baju ketat yang fashionable dan harumnya perfume terpancar dari diri jejaka ini. Mereka adalah jejaka masa kini yang pandai menyesuaikan diri dengan tuntutan masa.
Bahkan lahirnya jejaka metrosexual adalah dari arus modernisasi dunia, dimana lelaki juga dituntut rapi dan bersih. Tidak patut jika menyamakan para jejaka pesolek ini dengan gay! Mereka memang suka sekali memakai barang-barang yang hanya dimiliki kaum gay. Tapi jangan harap mereka akan mengurat lelaki lain di kafe, mall, atau dimana saja! Para jejaka ini menganggap dirinya lebih perhatian, romantis, dan stabil. Sedangkan jejaka biasa menganggap dirinya lebih unggul dan ingin menguasai perempuan.
jejaka metrosexual memiliki perasaan yang lebih halus dan dapat dikatakan memiliki perasaan wanita. Sensitif dan mengerti perasaan wanita, jejaka seperti ini mungkin tidak kelihatan tough atau kebal akan tetapi para jejaka ini cenderung lebih setia dan menghargai wanita.

Ciri-ciri jejaka metrosexual:
• Selalu ingin tampil rapi, bersih, dan wangi
• Sensitif dan mengerti perasaan wanita
• Rajin ke salon, bahkan bisa sampai 2 kali seminggu
• Mampu berbelanja selama berjam-jam tanpa merasa lelah
• Rajin berkunjung ke pusat - pusat kesihatan
• Suka akan fashion dan selalu mengikuti trend terbaru
• Berfikiran lebih liberal dan santai
• Tidak seperti pada jejaka umumnya yang lebih otoriter dan membezakan status
jejaka metrosexual di mata wanita

'you look hot!'
'hurm...lawa baju hari neyh'
'i love ur hair!'
'hye romeo...'
'you look like playboy'
itulah antara komen2 yang selalu dilontarkan kepada jejaka2 metroseksual...yang pastinya jejaka metro bukanlah gay!..mereka mungkin agak particlar dalam penampilan tapi itu tidak bermaksud bahawa mereka gay!

am i metrosexsual? ehe! =p

taken from  my old blog ~ ehe!

.m.y. .m.u.m. .i.s. .t.h.e. .m.o.s.t. .b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. .w.o.m.a.n. .i.n. .t.h.e. .w.o.r.l.d.!.

as i promised, i'll share a story today. i read it during carol's ICT class yesterday when she gave us a task to complete. i found the story incredibly interesting and  it was a great wake up call for me. knowing people for their beautiful is what people always do, but the things matter is we don't love people because they are beautiful. people look beautiful to us because we love them.


little varya went with her mother to the field. it was a hot day, so varya went and lay down under a shady tree. soon she went fast asleep. when she woke up, everyone was gone. she was afraid so she started crying. then she walked and walked until she came to a village.

there were many people in this village, but her mother was not there. varya began to cry loudly. an old man came to her and asked, "why are you crying, little one?"

varya told him, "i am looking for my mother. i don't know where she is." then she began to cry again.

the old man felt very sorry to varya. he asked, "what does your mother look like, litte one?"

varya did not how to describe her mother. she could only say, "my mother is the most beautiful woman in the world"

the old man called all the dutiful women in the village. varya looked at each of them. then she said, "none of them is my mother. my mother is the most beautiful woman in the world"

a lot of people came to look at the  poor lost girl. suddenly, a woman ran towards varya and hugged her. she was fat and her face was big and broad. she had very few teeth in her mouth. her eyes were very small and her nose was really large and broad.

"this is my mother! i told you my mother is the most beautiful woman in the world! " varya shouted happily

the people who were crowding around varya began to laugh. the old man said to them, "don't laugh. this little child has just shown us something. we don't love people because they are beautiful. people look beautiful to us because we love them" 

(based on a russian folk tale)

 im proud to have people who love me regardless of how i look like. 
and i miss my mama too =(

*p/s : failed to get hold a house for the next academic year. sigh~


2.21 pagi waktu england timur

hi kawanku sayang!

hujan rintik rintik, kekadang anging bertiup. agak semacam je bunyi,seram pun ade gak, mcm dlm citer hantu kartun kanak kanak masa aku kecik dulu. lewat malam (dah pagi pun), tapi masih belum tidur. studay katakn. aha!

sebenarnya nak kongsi satu citer. citer dari russia, sweet sngat. sal anak ngn mak dia. tapi malas nak menulis. so just nak bagitahu, nanti aku akan post citer tu.
so tunggu je la ek.

saje nak letak.x tahu nape~

.k.e.l.a.s. .I.C.T.

the first day of Lent Term, new subject, new experiences.
kami main game hari ni. game sambung sambung citer. penah main dulu masa kelas ms pat. x sangka carol pon nak main gak. bila budak budak nakal bercerita, haram jadinya.
ni hah baca.enjoy!
The first day of term started in the most unusual day. I woke up at five and realised someone lied down next to me. Without any hesitation, I started to scream as loud as I could. Oh my, it shocked me to death. I tried to open my eyes as wide as I could. Then, i realized that it was just my bolster. I ran to the campus’s toilet because there was no water supply at my house. I started to cry. I do not know what was happening. I don’t know why I like to cry. Seriously, I’m tired. I want to smile. Then I heard someone knocking on the door, it was Han Kim Suk! OMG! Was i dreaming?
done by group one. ICT class 10.01.11


i've lost control today
everything i've kept burried inside
came rushing to the surface

i had a plan
i want to change who i was
create a life as someone new
someone without the past
without the pain
someone alive
but it's not that easy
the bad things stay with you
they follow you
you can't escape them
as much as you want to
all you can do is be ready for the good
so when it comes
you invite it in
because you need it
at least..i need it

i thought there was hope
that somewhere deep inside


bukan bermaksud aku jiwang ke aper, cuma sekali sekala nak post lirik lagu. sambil dengar lagu kat blog sambil baca lirik, karok pelan pelan. x gitu?

Aishiteru Lyrics (aku cinta kamu)
by Zifhilia

Menunggu sesuatu yang sangat menyebalkan bagiku
saat ku harus bersabar dan trus bersabar
menantikan kehadiran dirimu
entah sampai kapan aku harus menunggu
sesuatu yang sangat sulit tuk kujalani
hidup dalam kesendirian sepi tanpamu
kadang kuberpikir cari penggantimu
saat kau jauh disana

walau raga kita terpisah jauh
namun hati kita selalu dekat
bila kau rindu pejamkan matamu
dan rasakan a a a aku
kekuatan cinta kita takkan pernah rapuh
terhapus ruang dan waktu
percayakan kesetiaan ini
akan tulus a a ai aishiteru

Gelisah sesaat saja tiada kabarmu kucuriga
entah penantianku takkan sia-sia
dan berikan satu jawaban pasti
entah sampai kapan aku harus bertahan
saat kau jauh disana rasa cemburu
merasuk kedalam pikiranku melayang
tak tentu arah tentang dirimu
apakah sama yang kau rasakan

walau raga kita terpisah jauh
namun hati kita selalu dekat
bila kau rindu pejamkan matamu
dan rasakan a a a aku
kekuatan cinta kita takkan pernah rapuh
terhapus ruang dan waktu
percayakan kesetiaan ini
akan tulus a a ai aishiteru

hapus sendiri pikiran melayang terbang
perasaan resah gelisah
jalani kenyataan hidup tanpa gairah
banyak segala misi dan ambisimu
akhiri semuanya cukup sampai disini
dan buktikan pengorbanan cintamu untukku
kumohon kau kembali


hi readers!

i think, this is the first time i ever greet my blog readers. i was haughty, wasn't i? haha. sorry about that. i will try to be friendlier in the future posts. i'll do my best! =p

hm, tajuk hari ni. rambut. bukan bulu, tapi rambut.

dah lama aku mengidam nak rambut yg stylo-stylo. dulu masa sekolah, rambut belah tepi, sikat biar kemas. pakai gel bagi keras n nampak smart. haha. punya la innocent masa tu. duk nganjeng kawan rambut dia serabut, padahal diri sendiri rambut cam bulu monyet. haha! masuk high skul, dah pandai bergaya siket. wat rambut spiky, pastu mawhawk, gaya ala ala ricky martin. pastu masuk ipba pon lebih kurang camtuh gak. nama pon masuk institut pendidikan guru, rambut kena la tip top cam pengetua. xleh panjang, pastu kena kemas. pagi pagi kalo nasib x baik, kena sounds ngn encik arus ngn ustaz kat tangga nak ke kelas sebab rambut serabut cam hanjeng.

tapi sejak dtg uk, hah. hambek ko. rambut berubah terus.haha! ini la kali pertama aku simpan rambut panjang camni. rambut panjang memang best, tapi serabut. siyes serabut. plus, kena jaga lebih.

tapi x kesah la kena jaga lebih, sebab aku suka. haha. mcm2 gaya yg aku bole buat ngn rambut panjang. nak gaya korea, jepun, hatyai, bangkok , london? semua bole. u just name it! haha~
tapi satu la, tak tahu smpai bila bertahan ngn rambut nih. silap haribulan, jadi gila sebab rambut. aku tanak. haha!


*p/s : hari ni birthday member, nur athirah bazilah. haha! hepi bufay mocik. have a blast! =p album, a million memories