In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller


Sepuy Simbei
20 January at 19:51
i have no bff at the first place. lame, but that's the truth. i am a person who has bizarre idea of bff. i never let someone step into my private life and i don't share any of my problems. for me, i prefer to handle my problems in my own way without sharing it, otherwise i will feel the problems escalates. i rather forging to solve the problem on my own, reviving without depending on others. i believe the ingenuity of me being alone, strengthen my self conscious.

bg aku, kalo ade bff yg cam harem, bek tak yah ade bff terus. hidop as an "individual" lagi best ko.t bukan lah bermaksud idup sensorang dlm hutan, di ceruk gunung, tapi as in u have your private life which you created on your own and never ever let someone stepped in. tapi hati hati, kang x pasal2 jadi physco. aku x bertanggungjawab.haha!

jumpa gambar ni kat tenet. chumill pulak menatang alah ni. bole la jadi bff aku~ hihi!


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haha! cari kawan, jgn cari musuh! =p album, a million memories