In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.t.e.a.c.h.i.n.g. .i.s. .n.o.t.. .e.a.s.y.

i faced another difficult day yesterday. to begin with, it was hard for me to wake up getting ready for the class for i slept at four in the morning. i have no idea what has happened to me lately. i couldn't get grasp of myself and  i broke my sleep routine by being awake till 5 in the morning for the whole two weeks. it was difficult enough for me to get my eyes shut and off to sleep. 

the day started with the  ELTM subject. english language teaching methodology  which i enjoyed very much. yet the joyous moments immediately over when pam asked my group and i to demonstrate the application of classroom management in a class of  intermediate-level students ( acted out by my naughty classmates =.=!). it was a doom request by pam and i didn't enjoyed it to be honest. it was completely out of mind for me to handle a class without being prepared. and of course, i ended up being clumsy and not-confident of myself. pam, who sat at the corner, observing me vigilantly and she did commented on my way handling the class. it was a good comment tho.

  wan handling the class~ he's trying his best.

 then, LA followed;  literary analysis. we learned a new area of poems which was environmental and mike ended up mooing and buzzing in front of the class demonstrated the sounds of animals and was fun and the best part was, me didn't fall asleep. i was lucky!

i went back home and made a new friend on fb. at least my day ended with a good thing! haha~=p

*p/s : my 60th follower, welcome! =p

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