In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller


i feel it this way. goodbye is not the only saddest word in the whole world, but  it's the most memorable one too, at least for me. i've been saying and receiving this word since i don't know even when. the very first goodbye that i received or said, could be the sad starting point of my life maybe. for sadness is part of life, i should learn to take it well.=]. i could remember goodbye well for it has changed my life. farewell is just a norm, human lives and dies. be together and sometimes be alone. and when the time comes, goodbye will step in and takes it's place. 

i found this one while i was writing this entry. kinda nice to hear =p

this is my favourite bit. i mean, seriously this is favourite. you may laugh at me for liking this one, but i really like so much.

*p/s: i have temporarily disable the background music so you could listen to the videos =)

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