In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller


Sepuy Simbei wanna be a strong guy ! 

i wanna be strong! oh yeah! strong!!

oke. it seems being a strong guy is not as simple as i thought. what i mean by strong is not as in i could lift up a car and throw it away like hulk, but strong as in having strong mind and great emotion control. that sounds easy right? but the fact that those doings are not easy to accomplish is undeniable.

i once pondered on this when i was about to have my cyst-removal surgery last year. i managed to get through the surgery and gained my bravery, but believe me, the pain that i faced was like hell! yet, as time passed, i lose my bravery.

this is the time where i need my bravery back. i need to be strong again! i'm not a weak guy who weep over sad songs, but a guy who has strong heart and mind!

look at the white spot on my left cheek. (i somehow look bodass with it on my cheek, hihi!) it's a wound that i got when i did my morning shaving. the wound wasn't  that painful, but the moment i felt the pain from the open skin, i told myself "aku kena jadi kuat!" and i ended up ignoring the pain ; i became an insolent guy, (tho i bleed like hell!)  yet i did taught myself how to be "strong" on that day~ haha!

can i be Adidas model? puhlisss?

p/s* someone is calling me Adidas hunk~ whoop whoop!

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