In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.y.o.u. .c.a.n. .s.h.i.n.e.

adore her passion
adore her determination
adore her bravery

i watched this video on FB when a friend of mine shared it on his wall.
i love it i must say.
life is unfair, sometimes. u might not agree with me on that, but it is okay because you have your own opinion and i have mine. just that for me, life is sometimes cruel. still, the biggest question is not about the cruelty of life itself, but it is about how we learn to live well in the cruelness of life for it teaches us how to be a good person. life is short, make it colourful.

"why am i different from others?"
" you have to be like others?"

take some time and ponder about it.

well, you can shine~ ehe!

 and this bit is a funny shit~ oh my >,<


Izz Hyunji aka B2ST's B2utY said...

great things come everytime we close our eye, and feel like doing it when I know I can do it! YEAY! great CF!

saiful al ieman said...

haha! wow~ hebat nih! hihi~ album, a million memories