In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

im doing fine!

it's been months since i last wrote and posted something on my blog. the previous post, not really a writing i guess as i copied it from my old blog and did a little editing. so today, i think i better do some writing and and have a sharing moment of my never-ending experiences.
hm. to update, I've been doing well here in canterbury. i enjoyed my days and seized it to the fullest (though sometimes i felt like being prison-ed in my own house as there was nothing much i can do because of the short days in autumn!). last two days, i had a great moment at our cycle's eidul-adha celebration. most of us were there. being together as a group made me happy though. i felt like being at home, at least.
oh ya, the night before, i was busy preparing nasi himpit and helped my neighbour, yusri, getting his rendang ayam done. it was a tiring night for me, yet i learned something. i learned how to prepare nasi himpit and rendang ayam! i was my first trial and it was a success! =p


talking about food,it makes me happy to be honest. for the last two months, i have been experimenting with food and i had prepared quite a number of delicous recipes. claps for my own self,yea!! personally, i gained some sort of satisfaction in cooking. it deepens when people enjoy my cooking. likewise, it encourages me to learn more and improved my skills.and yea, just now, i prepared chicken rice porridge a friend of mine who suffer from oral teeth pain. hopefully, with my sincerity, he will get better!

ok, i need to stop here. my Understanding Learning and the Learners  assignment is waiting for me. i better get it done fast before i fall asleep. =p


Hush said...

nak sikit!

saiful al ieman said...

dtg la canter~ aku masakkan special punyer! =p

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~:april bloom:~ said...

sedap sgt!...thanks shy! :)

~:april bloom:~ said...

sedap!...thanks shy! :) album, a million memories