In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

goodbye and hi!

.u.n.a.b.l.e. .t.o. .s.t.a.y.,. .u.n.w.i.l.l.i.n.g. .t.o. .l.e.a.v.e.
.g.o.o.d.b.y.e. .,. .w.e.l.c.o.m.e. .!.

frankly speaking, 2010 has been a great year for me (me still in 2010, an hour and fourteen minutes before 2011). lots of things has happened, all those memories, incident will remarkably stick to my mind and at certain points they will suppressed me for another better life!

well,i've listed the things, incidents that i've gone through in the year. those which i can remember. there are lot more ( but prefer to keep it for own self, i need my personal memories too LOL~) haha!

> i managed to own all the three things which i longed for. my black charming DELL lappy, my handsome bulky D3000 DSLR and my adorable iphone 4. it took me some time tho, to get married to my three wives. i spend my saving to own all three of them ( yet for the lappy, i get some money from my abah as i don't have much money at that time). that's why i love all of them so much. i must be proud of myself for being independent, not being dependent to other in order to get things which i want so much!

> i had two birthday parties in one night! haha. they were special to me i must say. the first party, was from my family. i was about to leave for the airport when my brother came to me with a birthday cake. all my family members were there and they sang a birthday song for me which made me felt proud for having them as a family.  love you ma abah and all! the second one was from my friends in IPBA. i had a great surprised, seriously! =p

> my mother prepared a majlis doa selamat and majlis khatam quran for me. haha! my schools teachers were there (both primary and secondary, and even my kindergarten teacher was there! oho!) and what made me happy was, they remember me so well. ehe! =p 

> i was selected by mdm carol to join ASG2, short form for ASEAN Schools Games 2 held in Kuala Lumpur 2010.haha! the days during ASG were great. me as a reporter and learn to be a photographer at the same time. ASG was the point where i started longing for DSLR to be honest. great DSLR such as D90 dat i tried to use during ASG captured my heart. but for beginner, D3000 is enuf for me. =p. and yeah, i made friends too! hush! u r reading this right? miss ya! haha =p

> i made a history. for the very first time, i missed my flight back to my hometown. well, i wasn't my mistake totally. the bus which i rode was very slow! and air asia staffs too, weren't that customer-friendly. there were sh*t. i mean like seriously~

> i managed to pass my foundation course and flew to Canterbury, Kent UK. me now as a Canterbury Christ Church University student, enrolling in TESL. first year student who will spending the other three years in UK without going back home. that's my promise. i will live my life friskily! and that's a promise too =p

> i had the experiences working with the native. haha! well, i learned a lot from my job as sales assistant at Clinton's card. never came to my dream i would work in UK, even just temporarily! =p

> the last night i stayed in IPBA, was a sad night for me. me might sounds weak, but that what i felt. i felt sad to leave the room which i've been staying for two years and i felt sad to leave my friends. on that night, i walked around the campus carving a great memories on my heart!

> my aunt passed away. it was a shocked for me to be honest. she was a healthy women as i can remember, but because of people jealousy she was tortured by "benda halus''. that what i heard. may Allah always be with her. amin.

22.38 hour, Dicember 31. 2010 :
i saw a bright lantern flew away in the dark sky. kinda ironic isn't it? sending something bright into darkness. well, sometimes life goes that way. make good memories for today for tomorrow you will never know what will happened~ i wanna lived my life friskily, not knowing what will happened in the future for life is a trial! =p.

dats was my last thought in 2010. me look forward for a better 2011! haha~my resolution? i wanna lived my life in frolicsome way, ignoring matters which i shudn't  ignore at the first place, be a better person and i wanna always smile! =p

*p/s : had a chat with a senior of mine. talking bout me looks like a girl? =.=! but he replied ;
"ko lantak je orang nak kata ape, bukan gambar diorang pon"
thanks! i feel better =p


renjizakura said...

you got so many achievements....
envy envy envy

Hush said...

aku nak jadi orang first yang comment!
aku baca ni!
haha~ :)
thanx dude!
aku pun miss kau jugak.
mesti best new year kat tempat orang sambil main salji. macam yang selalu kita tengok dalam movie. huhu~

ada orang kritik gambar kau?
so what?
stuck up and say "ade aku kesah??"


saiful al ieman said...

renji~ long way to go, lot more to achieve =p

hush~ atoi.. dah jadi org ke2 lol.haha!
x de main salji, salji dah cair.
tengok bunga api dari jauh je.haha!

haha~ =p album, a million memories