In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.a.n. .e.n.d.!.

current temperature;  0 degree. it's chilling cold outside, white snow is melting and me now in my warm room, pouring my heart out on my blog. it seems winter is coming to its peak and  colder temperature is expected. many people say, the worst days during winter are in January and i'm afraid it is true. it's now December, still i feel like living in a refrigerator. seven days are in queue before new year comes to take it's place and by that time i'll be expecting my second academic term ; Lent term to begin. well, 2010 is likely comes to an end. there were lots of things happened, some which i felt great with, some with joyous memories, and yes, there were some which i suppressed from making my mind disarray. yet, there were tremendous good things which stick tightly to mind.

feels like sharing those pictures.

new in town. it was great back then. enjoying the cool breeze in September while the sun shines happily and spending time with no restriction. lol! =p 

i shall remember the night when i turned crazy. it was super-duper great at that time. i enjoyed myself to the fullest, sang my heart out, ate happily and danced in madness!

my first snow in England. it was great i must say. haha! =p

 here's the video. enjoy aye!

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