In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.s.i.x. .p.a.c.k.s.

developing six sexy packs on abs and charming muscle chest on a skinny body is not an easy task, i admit.=.=! i've been going to gym and participating in the swimming lesson for this particular aim, but no sexy muscles are likely appearing i observe. i even controlled my diet; drank milk , took eggs for breakfast and i only ate chicken meat! 

well, it would be a lie if me not jealous with those who have six packs on their abs. i would say, im eager to death to have those abs, unfortunately i need to work hard for them. haha! .i read somewhere that  a man's body would be the best at the age of 23. me now in my early twenty, meaning i have an ample time to develop any muscle that i like! so, not to worry, i will have them.soon!

oh no, my abs is wasn't this bad =.=! it was far more better than this. aha!

  for the current time, they are showing some shapes of course! ehe =p

omo omo! (^^!)

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