In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.b.o.x.i.n.g. .d.a.y.

 boxing day!

aha! it was something new for me. clothes on sale, discounts, student's price and all totally drove me crazy. ehe! =p . i was in madness recently to be honest, and today's incident proved it. i woke up early in the morning, walked to the town without gloves on ( it made my fingers hurt tho! i mean seriously hurt!) and the best part was i have  spend more than half of my salary from the part-time job that i've done at Clinton on coats and trousers! 

well, Topman has caught my attention the most. at Topman itself, i've spend more than 60 pounds for two coats! (don't blame me for spending too much, i really want them!). haha! 
the first coat, or should i call it leisure jacket (as Topman defines it that way) was the first jacket that i bought. it looks casual and stylish as well! hehe. the second coat, a trench coat which cost me 70 pounds initially, was the most expensive coat  that i've bought so far. yet because of boxing day, i only pay half of the price!

oh ya, apart from Topman, H&M is the second store where i lost my money; again, in a huge amount! haha~ i managed to grab two fit trousers and a winter coat! hoho. 

and not to worry, im regretting it. =p

*p/s : i made a promise to have a photo shooting session tomorrow morning with friends of mine. lets look forward for the outcome! haha!


AfiQ said...

sronoknye shopping!!!!! nk jugak!!!

saiful al ieman said...

hehe~ esok ade lagi! jum fiq! kita serbu!! =p

-u-n-s-p-0-k-e-n- said...

tsk~ dasat gile korang soping!
eh. eh. photo shoot session? dgn siapakah? sampai ati tak ajak join.. sobsss T_T album, a million memories