In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

t.h.e. r.o.a.d. i. h.a.d. t.a.k.e.n.

the road i had taken..
a short intoduction~

my life indeed a complicated life, yet a happy life~
hurgh! so much things happened for da last few weeks, 
and i am in such a trouble~
i was blessed when my mum gave me a call last nite, i felt a relief~ a reprieved in my mind! haha...she reminded me of wat should i concentrate of, my study! baeklah mama! 
as i rolled back my memory, it reminded me of my school days~how did i end up on this road..

i started to imagine of my huge school bag loaded with all the subjects' text books, a pencil box full of pencils and erasers, a white shirt which only looked white in da morning and for sure friends who always cheered up may days~
frankly speaking, i cant really remember my days in primary schools, except for a few events which i think had nailed to my memories. one thing i remember until now is when i was punished by my 'favourite' Bahasa teacher for being mischievous. haha~ can u imagine im being mischievous?

later on, i was enrolled to secondary school. here, my life started to develop. i learned how to make best friends, experienced unimaginable things~ (dudududu) and i tried to find my own identity..pergh! life is complicated indeed~then it came to PMR and SPM.graduate from secondary school, i was offered by a few interesting courses..yet, i chose matriculation..

in 2 moths time frame, i learned a lot. only for 2 months i could spent my time in matriculation. my last offered came from MOE..and that was the path i had taken... accepted in education stream opened the other path in my life. this is me who chose this path. a path that will lead me become a better person!


♥chentatiku♥ said...

blog baru!!!
nice layout!!!*suke*suke*suke*
keep on blogging...
hidup jalan sehala, tiada tanda u-turn, pandai pilih jalan hidup, okay!

saiful al ieman said...

tenks chentatiku~
~tiada tanda u turn..woahh! bermakna!
btw, i still dont noe ur name
may i?
mine is shy^^

♥chentatiku♥ said...

chentatiku at yahoo dot com :) album, a million memories