In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

d.e.s.c.r.i.b.i.n.g. m.y.s.e.l.f.~.

describing myself~
a brief one i guess.

okeyh~ the questionnaires were taken from FACEBOOK..some how i think it works here to describe myself in depth description..pape pon, layan jer~

The Basics
Describe yourself in three words. :
i am shy~ teehee (-'_'-)
Are you a daydreamer?:
nope~i think i'm kind of realistic person..i will work hard for things i dream of~
Do you misspell words a lot?:
Do you read a lot?:
of course!~ (masa wat esaimen je lah^^...)
Do you watch a lot of movies?:
not really...if im bored; it could be yes~
one of your most embarrassing moments?:
sang infront  of my fellow friends~ shoot! ( try to avoid using shit~ hee)
something in your wallet that people don't normally carry?:
my father's pic? oh yeah! last year calendar... it so cute, sayang nak buang...
something about your physical appearance you'd like to change?:
im working on my abbs..nak le six packs kan~ sape yg tanak!
something about your partner you wish you could change?:
the respondent had forgotten to answer this question...tuttttttt....tutttt...
something you and your partner agree on?:
babies! we would like to have twins~ hahahah
Who is
the smartest person you know?:
my parents! they are brilliant~ x percaya? tengoklah anak teruna mereka yng sorang nieyh...ahankz(~▽~)!
someone you watch on tv and would love to meet?:
hm..too many of them!
the one singer you'd love to meet?:
celine dion (a♥‿♥a)!
the most responsible person in your family?:
my oldest brother! yeah! my lovely abg~
your second best friend?:
there are no numbers to rank my best friends~ all of them are my bestest friends~
Do you...
pay your bills on time?:
yup..x de tangguh2!
have a savings account?:
i have three saving from my father~ the other is my allowance account and the last one is my 'suka suki' account~
travel often?:
yup~ frequently...yet, im still looking for a good travel buddies!
play boardgames?:
erk~ nope! not a gamer...
own more than one vehicle?:
hahah~ not even one!
Have you?
been to the doctor in the last month?:
yup! with my mum..medical check up^^.
been sick in the last week?:
hell yes..fever and running nose..
colored your hair in the past week?:
never and ever~
done something nice for someone this week?:
ever felt the need to just walk away?:
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?:
NZ,OZ,JAPAN, KOREA, VIETNAM, somewhere wit nice environment!
Where do you put your keys when you are home?:
on my desk.
Where do you keep your purse/wallet when you're home?:
same..on my desk
=Where is the last place you peed besides a toilet?:
hello..where else can a well grown men pee besides a toilet?
Where did you last go on vacation?:
Melawi's beach in Kelantan!
Have You..
ever pretended to be someone else online?:
hehehh! yes..(╯ಊ╰)
ever bought something from an infomercial?:
ever driven over 100mph?:
saya x boleh memandu~ masih di bawah umur.heee^^
stubbed your toe so hard you thought you broke it?:
ever had a wild animal in your yard?:
hell, yes! huhu..


jiwaseni said...

nk jawab gak soalan ni..but tunggu free...haha..akan dipostkan di blog saya... ^^

Dyana said...

wild animal ape yg ade kt yard ko ? huhu! takut ^^

saiful al ieman said...

diana~ mcm 2 ada!
haha..tenuk, beruang,tapir..semua ada~
x der lah, aq penah pelihara kucing hutan, tupai, burung hantu, musang dan bermacam lagi!^^

saiful al ieman said...

wat mcm rumah sendiri..ahakz! album, a million memories