In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

i.t. w.a.s. u.s. w.h.o. w.r.o.t.e. t.h.i.s.~.

it was us who wrote this~

i was stunned by my friends! hahaha^^ they were awesome~ caya lah! 
we had came out with many 'interesting' short stories which i will post them later. the first short story was initially wrote by  Yusri and I. as i concerned, those narrative short stories were produced by language learners. if there were grammar mistakes noticed, please ignore them. they were also created via joining ideas of few writers, so the continuation and their style might clumsily ordered. yet i hope u will enjoy it~

**cerita ini hanyalah rekaan semata mata; tiada kena mngena dengan yang hidup ataupun yang telah 'pergi'~ harap maklum 

initial writers: Shy and Yusri 

I can’t believe it! They said they were top ten students. Sounds crazy. But that was the reality. Who would believe the two mischievous jokers were from a prestige school? Even I myself won’t believe it. I was in a great shocked as if I heard the news. To my surprise, I never thought they were brilliant students. Shame of myself, I was cynical towards them before. I even created a nickname for them. Aziza the clown is a not-so-tall girl while Carl-led the clumsy is a fat guy with pimples all over his face.
I still remembered the first time they were being introduced by our class lecturer. I did not believe that Aziza is older than us while Carl-led is a married guy. His wife is as tall as himself. He looked more like a house husband than a student. We found to-do-list house chores in his pencil case. At the bottom of it, was his wife’s signature.  We were laughing hysterically at him. We never thought that he was being queen controlled by his wife.
The fact is Cal-led real name is not Carl-led, but Bruce Lee. He loves pau especially when it’s hot and spicy. There is a stall nearby the intersection to Petaling Jaya where he always buys his favourite meal. Actually, there was another reason why Bruce Lee went there. The stall owner is a hot sexy widow name Kenanga.
One day, as Bruce was hanging at Kenanga’s stall, came a group of thugs tried to tackle the widow. “Muke hang macam kenai ah kak long?!” said one of the thugs to the others. Kenanga felt disgusted with them. As she didn’t want to serve those thugs, she had been harassed by them. In order to save herself, she called for help, “Bruce Lee! Help me! Help me!”. Bruce lee tried to help but he got cursed by the head of thugs awfully with words like ****&&&*!^ and (*&@#*(.
Kenanga is heartbroken of the uncivilized insult. She ran away without any direction, as long as her leg can run. She doesn’t care anymore. The incident had caused her to abandon all hope in this world.
There, at a certain place, she stops.
Mahtog City. A city where super villains and ability users roam without restriction. Kenanga knew nobody there.  She was afraid of this evil looking city.  Without noticing, she was in front of the Joker’s lair. She thought that maybe she could be evil rather than beautiful and innocent.  She finally finished her academic year with Joker and graduated as Joker’s sidekick.  “I’m evil and I’m AWESOME!”

Kenanga has a new name now – CatWoman. She roams the city with Joker and meows like a Cat all night long and flies from building to building. Joker is very proud of her. He even has the inspiration to create new jokes from time to time. Joker has the ability to crack jokes and make people laugh to death. Mahtog City is terrified of him. So, they engaged Batman and Spiderman to help them. However, Joker has one major weakness. He must not laugh, or he will die. Thus, Batman and Spiderman come up with a plan. They will kidnap him and force him to watch “Two Men and a Half”. He watches, and then he laughs to his death. Catwoman meows as she mourns.

Now, Catwoman is all alone in the world. She sat on top of the roof and started thinking, thinking and thinking. “OH MY GOD! Now that Joker is not here to crack his lame jokes, I’m finally FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Having said that, she jumped from building to building in glee, celebrating her newly-found freedom.

Suddenly, she knocked into a big, black, fat, scary-looking penguin who was hanging from an electric wire. Strangely, the penguin barked at her instead of clucking or whatever that is penguins sound like. Catwoman was so startled by this; she fell from 7000 meters in the air to her death. Before she died, all she could think of is…”That penguin is AWESOME!!!”
What a terrible life she had! Ironically, she would never regret it.


shap said...

i was involved in the making of dis...kahkah..*rofl

saiful al ieman said...

anda terlibat dgn part mana?
yg bg nama aziza n char-led tu ek?
huhu..^^ album, a million memories