In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.a. .c.o.l.d. .d.a.y.

Kanda Tuah enjoyed the weather~

22.36 hours
Feb 28th, 2011 
South East England.

hi peeps,

Another cold day in Canterbury. i was shivering on my way to the campus. it was icy cold with 5 degrees temperature and had been maintain till early evening. the current temperature is 3 degrees and luckily me now in my own warm room, with a small heater appliance next to my only window. well, it sounds weird but somehow i do enjoy today's weather. i love the cloudy atmosphere with calm wind blowing. it soothes me. for the whole day, there was no sun shining. they were only gray chunky clouds together with light rain fall. sounds freak aye, for someone to love such weather.

saint augustin abbey and king school ground

 i took this on my way home. kinda blur tho for i was in hurry.

 walking back home.


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Anonymous said...

walking back home pix.....
pgi balik dri kampus mmg ari2 jln kaki ke...? album, a million memories