In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.w.i.n.d.y. .f.r.i.d.a.y.

Sepuy Simbei and his friday~

another chilly day. sigh~ the wind has been blowing wildly today, since morning. pagi pagi dah sejuk. angin asik bertiup je. bunyi lak cam spooky giler. hari ni, last day kuliah tuk minggu ni. kelas Graham. cam biasalah, dah nak dekat hujung minggu ni, malas giler. rasa cam nak ponteng je kelas. tapi apakan daya. saya datang sini guna dwet rakyat. so kena la blaja~ ^^!

it came to my surprised that today's lesson wasn't boring as i predicted. Graham is such a comedian and he made jokes whenever he could till the class ended. I can't help my self from keep laughing  for they were really funny. His face expressions especially.haha! Graham, such a funny lecturer.

during 20 minutes recess, (normally, graham would gave us longer than that, but john; our  program coordinator has emailed all the lecturers not to let recess to be more than 20 minutes) teha has shown me her newly bought camera and we ended up taking pictures of our classmates and me of course!

 outside of my class! segan ngn natives yg lalu lalang~ hoho!

 dgn si tehe, empunya camera. menyibuk je.ekeke~

 ha! ni dia. my classmates! oho ~

 dari kiri ~ iema, me and kalid

 again~ me and kalid

oh ya. few last weeks my group and i had prepared a video  entry for our assignment. i have uploaded it. the picture above is the wallpaper for our video.haha. kinda funny~

p/s* ~my best friend gave me satu teka teki. sape tahu, tolong jawabkan! haha~

~ two women with their two kids come to their uncle's house. The uncle would like to give each of them an orange. Unfortunately, he only has  3 oranges. possibly, how can he give  to them an orange each without doing anything. hm~ pening nak pikir.tulung~ tulung~


flisset said...

i think u shud make orange juice using those oranges! so,everybody can have a taste on it! yeah!

fatihah said...

abih mat slaeh tgk..

saiful al ieman said...

ruzel~ ahah!. betol jugak! huhu mekasih~

tehe~ tahu dakpo. malu molek.haha!

Winnie Bunny said...

bape org satu kelas simbei?

saiful al ieman said...

26 students~ 4 laki, 22 pompuan =,=!

dYdY Zulfadhli said...

as quick as lightning..hehehehe =p

saiful al ieman said...

dd~ jngan la~ malu =.=! album, a million memories