In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.o.h. .M.a.l.a.y.s.i.a.~.

Sepuy Simbei says  "oh Malaysia~"
20.16 hour
Feb 8th, 2011
Canterbury, South East England.

oke. i miss Malaysia so damm much. i miss it's people, weather, foods and i have to say this, it's malls! frankly speaking, Canterbury have no single mall. what it offers are individual shops, boutiques and cafes. Yet in Canterbury, all those shops and boutiques are located at a street called The High Street; a famous spot for shopping! 

Unlike malls in Malaysia where they are made up of hundreds of shops, boutiques, cafes, fast food restaurants and also cinemas, Canterbury have none of these. It is just awesome to spend time at malls, hanging around without doing nothing. longing for those doings.arghh!! oke shy.stop!

Mid Valley Mega mall, Bangsar. Just a stone thrown from my previous campus, IPG KBA.ehe!

 The High Street, Canterbury.

mid valley would be the first mall that i will be visiting when i'm back home. like seriously, i miss that gigantic spacious mall. the GSC especially! Here in Canterbury, there is a cinema called Odeon. However, Odeon has less attraction ;it has no ice lemon tea served at the cafe like GSC does! =.=!. plus, the seats aren't comfortable compared to GSC seats for Odeon has spacious hall (larger than a football field; believe me!). 

don't mistaken it for a shop. it's a cinema! 

feel like going back home, watching a movie with an ice lemon tea next to me. oh!
i'm talking crap again.
oke papai!

sorry for my bad grammar =(
if you notice any mistake, just lemme noe. im open for it! =)


Ilidina.. said...

saye rindu malaysia gak!

Liana said...

ana rindu malaysia juga! at least anta xdelah jauh sgt compared to my place..

tp ana akan tabah! nnt bila dpt balik, at least lebih hargai dan sayang kat family.. =D

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