In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.u.n.i .o.p.e.n. .d.a.y.~.

Kanda Tuah became a tour guide~

01.54 hour
Feb 20th, 2011 
South East England.

raining day. cold weather. red tees. visitors. tour guides. campus. wake up call.

it was a great experience i have to say, worth to participate in and i had a good day with my seniors.LOL. for the first time in my life, i had the opportunity of becoming a tour guide; guided the visitors and had tours around our campus during the uni's open day. yet somehow, i was initially in blur about being a tour guide. some thoughts seemed have blinded my consciousness of being one. frankly speaking i wasn't confident at my ability interacting with natives, giving them beneficial information of our uni for i was afraid i will speak english wrongly; i'm bad at english grammar you know.haha!~.

 still, later on  i found out that being a tour guide is an interesting task. i had an ample opportunities to improve on my speaking skill as i had been interacting with natives directly. plus, it was an easy task too ( it's because i did the tours with a senior of mine lol). i enjoyed it. that what i should say =)

erm, as i remember, there are no bad accidents happened. oh ya. there were a couple with their daughter asking me something with their thick accent. i couldn't understand them at all and for that they just left with smiles on their faces. sorry guys. i couldn't understand you. please talk slowly and most importantly, don't burbling! i'm not a native you know. sigh~

another funny accident happened! i was at the "hot lane" (where visitors often walking by) with my senior walking back to the tour guides assembly centre when a guy greeted us and asking us about 'information bit'. for the second time, i was in blur in figuring out the meaning of this 'information bit'. came out with spontaneous answer, i told him about reception desk and he answered that wasn't it. i was in great shame! =.=~ lol!

malaysian tour guides. =)

another different story. i just found out that my seniors are getting married, here in the UK. it's awesome right? only with their friends around, they are going to hold majlis akad nikah and 'kenduri' . at 22 years old, they are going to embark a wonderful journey for the rest of their life. it's the greatest wake up call for me seriously. i never been thinking about getting married or even the topic of marriage itself  before. it made me realised that i am now an adult, not a child ; tho i have a child mind =). haha. like seriously. now that they are getting married, i shud list marriage as another important aim in my mind.haha. oke i'm being naughty.

oke, bye!


Anonymous said...

usaha tangga kejayaan...gud luck shy.

Izz Hyunji aka B2ST's B2utY said...

go and find a great girl~ Then ask her in marriage! Then bring back two cute Girls!!! heheee~ Once again if I was able to fly to Germany, maybe I would be telling this interesting things too right, sob.sob.sob album, a million memories