In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller


Kanda Tuah  has celebrated his first birthday in the UK~

22.15 hour
Feb 24th, 2011 
South East 

i has received so much ஜ♥ . thanks peeps! for making me feel great! aha!

oke, my first birthday in the UK.

the first person who wished me happy birthday via phone was my mum
via FB was my brother
via text, it was from a friend of mine
via FB's inbox, my junior wished it first
via birthday note, my princess send me one
via birthday card, a senior of mine gave one =)

for this year celebration, i had two birthday surprises, no, it was three if the one held in malaysia by my family is taken into account.haha!
 birthday cake from my housemates~

 this one is from my seniors and a fren on mine =)

 my first birthday gift! oho! you..thnks! =)

 i've bought this one as a present for myself as i've been aiming to buy this one for years!

 this one is from a senior of mine. thnks!! =)

 this one too. from a senior of mine =) thanks ya!


Haikal said...

byk gle dpt drpd senior... asal aku rase bday aku tak byk drpd batch aku sendiri?? hahaha

saiful al ieman said...

hekal~ ko g la mintak dr cohort 5. kut2 diorang nak bg.ekeke =)

shinamarukochan said...

hepiii burfdayy! =)

Anonymous said...

smoga rezki bertambah2 yah....

Anonymous said...

Happy birth_day...;-)
oh yah...
ada yg tertinggal...
via blog n chat box x de dlm snarai..... the 1st 1....HAHAHA album, a million memories