In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

m.e.l.o.d.i.o.u.s. .s.o.n.g.s.!.

as final xm's coming near, my enthusiasm towards korean songs growing deeper. still i think, it brings positive and negative impacts to me. a positive one, i feel more light and less burden of my revision. yet, the negative impact is more serious. i can't help myself from listening to those melodious songs and put myself in dangerous zone when i can't totally concentrate 2 my revision. the feeling is the same as if i see kim so eun right in front of me.damm it.  oh god. this is killing me. someone! please help me remove this addictive trait of mine and aid me to get rid of it instantly!

after 12 hours the comment above posted on facebook, i came out with this idea...

i've removed all of my korean songs and videos from my charming black lappy and i'll get them back only if i'm done with my final xm. fuh! though it's like im throwing my passion away, still i think, that was the best way for me to help me concentrate of my final xm. whatever it is..chaiyok chaiyok shy! hihihi

ft island! dont love is da best song^^


Amri Bahruji matPuisi said...

bro, lagu kat blog ko ni ape ek?.. sedap la...;)

saiful al ieman said...

tajuk dia i'm a loner.
by cn blue! hihi^^ album, a million memories