In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.i. .a.m. .a. .b.o.r.i.n.g. .g.u.y.

uh man! my life is so pathetic. i have zero to share. even my mind is blank. so i guess, the fact that i am a boring guy is acceptable. =.=~ this reminds me of my previous failure relationship. yup..i have a failure relationship. twice to be honest. still, im not bothered with my first relationship as it was my 'cinta monyet'.im not even love dat gurl actually. it was my environment pressure who pushed me to love that particular young gurl. okeyh. tutup buku lama!

frankly speaking, i admit that the 'boring' part of mine, had drove towards the failure  of my second relationship. it was my first love though.but, i couldn't afford to make it last. i had nothing to share with her. pathetic rite? huh! =.=~.maybe what was said by banu [a friend of mine] is rite. i had created a wall around without me aware of it. a wall that keeps me in my own world. and that worlds has creates me as a boring person..

even the profile picture looks boring..=.=

nayh! i'll change! that is my promise~ slowly, lets get rid off that wall.its just a matter of time rite? lets leave the time to decide it..for the mean time, i would like to learn how to be a frolic young guy! muahah!! gambateh shy!!

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