In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller


its been quite a  time since my last visit to my own blog. my excuse? i have been working on  my final xm's revision for the last three weeks. to be honest, its not dat but its due to my own laziness! btw, i've got my passport done last week. my 2 weeks suffering thinking of how to get my passport done without my offer letter from IPG and my birth cert are around is ended when i get it done at Pejabat Imegresen Wilayah Persekutuan Cawangan Wangsa Maju. Awesome!. they not even bothered of my birth cert since my ic card is fully working. wat the heck! all the rumours saying dat u can't get ur passport done without ur birth cert is just a piece of sheettt! (better spell dis way ^^~)

to my surprise, i attended a short briefing of my PRE- pre departure briefing (i added the other prefix - pre since its before the real one) which was held at my own campus. wat made me surprise allowances!

basically for my cycle, we'll get~

buku                          =£ 300.00
peralatan                   =£ 100.00
baju panas                 = MYR 1200 (minus MYR 400 for our launch suit)  
penempatan               = £ 990.00

monthly :
sara diri                      = £ 350.00
penginapan                 = £ 300.00

once for degree:
elaun akhir pengajian   = £ 369.00
elaun thesis                  = £ 54.00 

it may looks like a lot, but its not. basically, we'll only get £ 650.00 per month. still we need to minus £ 350.00 for our accommodation. the balance £ 300.00 left will be used as our cost living allowance.pergh! 

still, we'll get 4 months allowance in advanced plus our elaun baju panas before we departured! yipee^^! 


ah^kam_koko' said...

Do your best at the university.
The country needs talents!

saiful al ieman said...

haha! okeyh! i will!

Lip Vi said...

shy: dont worry... 300 will be more than enough for a month... =))

saiful al ieman said...

hope so lip vi^^! album, a million memories