In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

i. l.o.v.e. t.o. b.e. .h.a.p.p.y.~.

i have no idea of what i should write right now. the only matter turns sentient to me is that i feel my life turns to be dejected lately. i felt depressed. i felt unhappy. ah! i don't know. at a certain moment, i felt that i have no one. loneliness creeps into my life all the time. i need my family to cheer me up. sheet! i don't want to be emo~

maybe this is karma as people said. sadness will come after u in returns of happiness u get. i had great days last week. and now, in return of all that, i encounter sadness. haha.its not a big deal to me though. sadness make a person stronger rite? i believe in that. in all the time i have been alive as a person, i had encountered thousands of sadness. and those sadness had made me who i am today. a stronger person in term of spiritual.

ah! i don't want to talk about sadness. someone keep me silent please?~

i love to be happy =)


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(~~!) gambarnya dipost tanpa kebenaran~
sorry sir..heheh^^ album, a million memories