In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

a. .d.e.s.a. p.e.r.d.a.n.a. t.a.l.e.~.

so here it comes. an end of my SBE. officially, my duty as an observer ended. no more gasping in the class, waiting for the teacher to end the period, no more running away from the school clerks, no more loitering at canteen, no more kids around, no more students to greet me "good morning teacher" and no more suffer waking up early in the morning. *big sigh*. somehow these turn ambivalent to me. my feeling mixed a certain moment, i feel very happy being at get know the kids, talking and laughing with them, make them stay in silence during relief classes and having some games with them.also, to get know the teachers who always assist me whenever i am in trouble.oh yes, not to forget the school's principal.haha.last week, i was in shocked when i knew that smkdp's principal is my 'nenek saudara'.unbelievable right? i was in ambiguous too.(~~!).

indeed, sbe was a valuable experience to me.but for others, i have no idea.i think it was valuable for them too.hihihi.

smk desa perdana.always in my heart.hihihihi(^^!)

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