In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

w.i.l.l. m.i.s.s. '.e.m.!.

i will miss these.surely i will.its been my paradise for two years. and that two years will end soon. six weeks left till i leave this only room here in ipba. there are no such other rooms like mine.the only mine!

look forward to own this room again during my 4th year..

405 A (A)

this is where i lump all my things. from my hand phone till my magazines~ all are here

my feveret spot. i could spend all day long sitting here, surfing the net, listen to my feveret music, watching movies, short videos..

my locker..a bit messy..well its near da xm week. have no time to take care of it.sigh.(using xm week as an excuse~)

my bed~ its double beds.still i made it triple~ hahaha..mine is the one with crocodile on it and the lowest one. both are mine^^

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ct-kama said...

hahah...nice room, cool n tidy... =) album, a million memories