In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller


Mr. Shy's Lapland~ 20:42 hours Feb 10th, 2011 Canterbury, South East England

it was in malaysia when i first encountered this famous fairytale story from finland  called the 'snow queen'. and yes, that was the very beginning i came accross the name 'lapland'; a fairytale land, where tranquality filled the air, and covered with nothing except snow and only snow. it's carved in my mind that lapland is associated with snow, and this year when the snow was falling and covering the surface the name lapland came to my mind. my canterbury has turned to lapland.

it rather quite late i'd say for snow to fall in february. daffodils were frantic and were about to bloom, but crazy winter returned with the promised snow. left alone the weather, but i was happy myself. i'm thankful that i was able to lay down on the fluffy snow again this year.

the snow was quite thick. today is the fifth day after the snow rained, but the is still some left waiting to be melted by the roaring sunshine. the bitterly cold temperature keeps the snow frozen really. i just checked the weather forecast and it is predicted that snow will fall again next sunday.

i'll be waiting patiently.

p/s* whenever snow rains, i'll get this song on player. it suits my feeling very well :)

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