In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

do you?

Mr. Shy feels contented~ 19.46 hours Feb 18th, 2012 Canterbury, South East England.

Something surprisingly interesting happened to me this afternoon. I was in Zara looking for the right jacket size when a young lady stopped me. She was a pretty lady, with her mum.

girl : excuse me, do you work in here?
me : (wide grin) oh, sorry. I don't. I wish I am!
girl : uh sorry ! (smiling)
me : no worries! (smiling) (awkward moment) (leave like a b0ss)

To be honest, I felt seriously happy. why ? because people who work in Zara always look elegent! XD . That young lady must have mistook me for a sales assistant because of my appearance (presumably). I was wearing casual jacket from topman with straight cut jeans from zara itself. haha . keep dreaming shy!

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Pinku no Ichigo Yuki said...

booooo! haha.
well. im as narci and as excited as you whenever this kinda things happen, so i'll let you off this time xD album, a million memories