In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

.i. .d.o.n.t. .n.o.e.~.

when i hear the rain drops, it does makes my heart stirring. it makes me miss my old days, more than yesterday. i don't remember from when it is, but i've been missing my childhood days.i've been frenzy. my intimidated feeling of being alone grows bigger especially when the days of me being sent abroad for my studies come nearer. they keep expanding and i feel a bit agitated. i keep thinking and pondering to my self, and still it is nothing. but it is awkward too for me ignoring them.

74 days left before im leaving for uk.there are 1776 hours left, and i kept counting.


AfiQ said...

be strong... ^^, best of luck my fren...

saiful al ieman said...

tenks fiq~ =) album, a million memories