In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

In Life : Everyone Is A Traveller

Spring leisure to Wingham Part I

Kanda Tuah had a great time in Wingham~
0437 hours
April 12th, 2011
South East England.

The longest journey ever made was to place we all already known, researched, and intimately described. Yet that journey, which might have done nothing but confirm established views, provided all mankind with a revelation. The journey was, of course to the moon.

It should not have been all that surprising, for that has always been the true purpose of travel: to see, experience, feel and understand distant place, but then to find another reward to gain a deeper knowledge of home, of one's culture of oneself.

The first time i traveled, i mean i really traveled, out of my hometown, my country; would be my voyage to England, United Kingdom. Well, being in someones' country would make me feel nervous, but after some time, my worries faded and my interest grew. It's now been nearly seven months since i first stepped down in the UK. In the vicinity of seven months, my true journey only begun yesterday when i went to a countryside in Wingham,Kent to experience the real life of a British country-people.

It was Carol's place that I went to, my tutor's  adorable countryside cottage with spacious yard filled with animals, plants and of course, flowers! The journey to Wingham from Canterbury town took me and my friends about 15 minutes by bus. We were about to missed the stopping point when we met Yasmine, Carol's daughter on the bus. Having no clue that we would meet Yasmine, there was nothing else that we can do except thanked her for being there.  At the cottage, I met Wild's family. John; Carol's husband their son ( i can't remember the name) and the surprised was, we were introduced to sooty and sweep, Wild's family lambs which they have been kept as pets. Malaysians might think having lambs as pets is a peculiar doing, but here in the UK, it's considered normal.

I have to admit, Wingham did reminded me of my hometown back in Kota Bharu. The atmosphere was likely the same. The shady trees, the birds chirping, and yeah, with no chilly wind and tulips of course! But, the flashback of my hometown did came to me. That was for sure.

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Hush said...

awesome! kau dah 'bawak' aku jalan jalan kat sini oke!
well done! :) album, a million memories